What my Preschool Teacher Said about me and how it relates to A Laundry Room Makeover

A few months ago, I came across my preschool report card in a box of mementos in a closet at my parents’ house.  I couldn’t help smiling inwardly as I read about the precocious child my teacher described until I got to this (I’m paraphrasing):

Katrina struggles more than her peers in the area of perseverance.  When faced with a repetitive task, she often quits before the job is done.

I was shocked. This might be the most insightful observation anyone has ever made about me.  Yes! I realized in that moment, I do hate repetitive tasks!  I do quit early when faced with them!

What does this have to do with laundry?  It is the ultimate repetitive task! Sort. Wash. Dry.  Fold. Dirty again!  Aside from the sense of satisfaction my Type A part feels when a mountain of laundry is reduced to a molehill, it is — perhaps — my least favorite chore.

This room didn’t make it any better:


This room has no windows, so there’s no natural light available.  It’s also sorely lacking in smart storage!  Yes, I get that there are cabinets and shelves, but I hadn’t gotten around to corralling anything in baskets.  Organization was nonexistent.


Don’t let that empty coat rack fool you: it had about 20 jackets, bags, and hats hanging on it about 2 minutes before I took this picture.

This makeover contains two “firsts” for our home.  For once, I didn’t paint the trim in this room because it was actually stained.  I like the northwest-y, rustic look of stained pine. Do you ever feel paralyzed when selecting paint?  Me too!  However, I decided to mix my own paint for this room from a bunch of left-over paint, and I LOVE the color.  Maybe I have a future in paint design… Would that be a repetitive career?  Probably.

Anyway, here’s how it all turned out:


Can you believe what a difference paint and a mirror make in the room’s brightness?


The dog food and lost sock bucket are now corralled in a metal tray!


Isn’t that dog food tin cute?  My sister-in-law found it at a thrift store and gave it to me for Christmas.  (You can read about our Goodwill Christmas tradition here.)


Inexpensive baskets from Marshalls now hold the cleaning rags, toilet paper, and all the other random objects that used to litter the floor, shelves, and counter.


I have a weird obsession with birds.  If my preschool teacher was to analyze that fact, she would probably point out that birds don’t have repetitive lives.  At any rate, I love that bird print from Ikea!

Now, I have to be honest about our hat-coat-bag storage problem.  This picture might lead you to believe that I have either given up hoarding outerwear or that I have completely organized them.  Neither is true.  Chris built a drop station for shoes, coats, bags, sporting equipment, etc. in the garage, which is right through that door.  So, basically the mess has just moved elsewhere.  At least it’s out of my way!

I could lie and say that this room makes laundry fun, but it doesn’t.  But, at least I have a pretty place to sort, wash, and fold!  Plus, as my pastor reminded the congregation on Sunday, doing laundry means you have clothes to wear and a machine to wash them in. (Okay, I’m paraphrasing again, but that was the point.)  It’s all in your perspective.

At present, there is a load of towels sitting in the dryer.  They’ve been there for almost a week. Guess I’m still working on that perseverance thing.








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