How to Make a Sunburst Ball

How to make a Sunburst Ball

Like most crafters, I’m loathe to buy something when I can make it.

A few weeks ago, my sisters-in-law and I saw this cute little gold sunburst at Hobby Lobby.  We considered buying several of them as decorations for my sister-in-law’s wedding, but at $13.99, they seemed a bit extravagant.

We looked longingly at them as we begrudgingly walked away.

Hobby Lobby Ball

That is, until I realized I could make it them, using mostly things I already owned!

You can too!

Here’s what you need: 

1.8″ Floral Foam Ball

8-10 Kebab Sticks

Hot glue gun



Here’s how to create them: 

Cut the kebab sticks into 4″ pieces.

Cut the sticks into 4 inch pieces

You will need about 25-30 4″ sticks.

You will need about 30 sticks

Working one by one, put a dab of hot glue on the end of a 4″ stick and push it into the Styrofoam ball.

Put a tiny glue dot on each stick and poke it into the styrafoam.

As you poke the sticks into the ball (Insert junior-highish joke here!), work on opposite sides as much as possible.  This will help you get a balanced look.

Keep working, doing your best to insert the sticks on opposite sides..jpg

I used Valspar Brilliant-Metal Effects to spray paint the sunburst ball when it was finished.  I’ve yet to find a gold spray paint that I wholeheartedly love, but this one is the best I have used.

Spray Paint

Because there are so many surfaces, the sunbursts take quite a bit of spray paint.  If you’re making more than one, I suggest painting en masse so that overspray will paint the other sunbursts.

Spray paint the sunbursts.

I’ve made 6 sunbursts now for a total of about $12 in supplies — so much better than $13.99 for one!

Sunburst ball

Make this sunburst ball with typical household supplies!

Tada!  This is such an easy craft that it doesn’t even feel like a craft.  It’s modern and glamorous, making a great statement decor piece.  I can’t wait to see how my sister-in-law uses them in her wedding decor!

Happy crafting!




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