Craft Room Makeover

Main Image

A dedicated craft room was a must-have when we bought our house, and I was so excited to move into my new craft room that when we moved in, I inadvertently called dibs on the smallest bedroom with the smallest closet.  Not surprisingly, I outgrew it at lightning speed!

Unfortunately, the other bedroom available looked like this:



Before I peeled them off, there were even little animal stickers on the hills. Freaking adorable if you’re five, but not exactly my style.

Like in every other room in our house, I painted the trim.  I was feeling a little lazy, however, about the prospect of painting the rest of the room.  I wanted to design my new craft room around a favorite painting (P.S. Kroyer’s Summer Evening on the Skagen Southern Beach with Anna Archer and Marie Kroyer).  The painting has dreamy blues, creams, and tans, so I painted the green parts of wall color of the “sky” and left the tan ceiling.

It’s incredible what a difference paint can make!

Craft Table.jpg

Because storage is always at a premium in a craft room, I made a rare splurge and bought 4 bookshelves at Ikea.  My original plan was to make them look built-in by installing center panels and crown molding, but I ran out of steam — for now!  That can be a summer project.

Wide Angle Craft Room

The craft table used to be our dining table before I found our current table on Craigslist. I refinished a small desk to use as a writing area.

Better After

I enjoy sewing, and I have my grandmother’s 1980s-era Bernina.  It’s extremely heavy, and I don’t have so much space that I want it out at all times, so I bought a rolling kitchen cart to hold the sewing machine.  It can be wheeled into the closet when not in use!

Rolling Cart

Below is one of the major reasons I moved into this room: the big closet!  In the corner, you can see a hint of the painting that inspired the room’s design.  The painting feature the painter’s wife walking on the beach in Skagen, Denmark with friend (and fellow artist), Anna Archer.  My parents had a small print of it when I was little, and I was totally mesmerized by the women’s beautiful dresses and the way their heads bow together, as if they are sharing a secret or a good joke.

Make a garland out of photos

There’s still a little bit left to do.  I’m planning on replacing the boob light, and I’m on the hunt for a rug, but I’m happily moved into the new space!




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