How to make pompom garland

How to make pompom garland

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I spent about a week with my parents and siblings up north.  We had a huge 5 course Danish meal on Christmas Eve with my family, Chris’ dad, and some of my parents’ friends: pickled herring, aquavit, pork roast, soup with dumplings, ice cream, and cherry schnapps galore.  On the 25th, we spend the morning with my family and the afternoon/evening with Chris’ dad’s side of the family.

On Christmas night and the morning of the 26th, Chris’ mom and husband and Chris’ siblings and their significant others, our nieces and nephew, and Chris’ youngest brother’s best friend celebrated at our house for 3 days, just in time for me to come down with a pretty nasty cold.  Ugh!  I am notorious for getting sick at the worst times.  So annoying.

Anyway, we exchanged our homemade/thrifted Christmas gifts, which was — as always — a blast.  I want to share a tutorial on how to make pompom garland, which was one of my gifts for my nieces (from whom I quarantined myself this weekend.  They do NOT need the cough I’ve been sporting!)

  1. Gather your supplies.  In addition to the supplies in the picture, you will also need a plastic needle with a large eye.

Step 1

2. Wind the yarn length-wise around the cardboard about 100 times. This sounds like it will take a lot longer than it actually takes.  I bet you can knock this step out in 35 seconds.  Time yourself!

Wind yarn around cardboard

This is what it will look like when you’re ready to move on:

Finished winding

3.  Cut the loose end of the yarn. Slide the cardboard out of the center and use a bit of yarn to tie width-wise across the center of the yarn.

Slide cardboard out

4. Turn the yarn ball so that the loops you made while going over the end of the cardboard are at the top and bottom.  Cut through the loops.

Cut the loops at the top and the bottom

Congratulations on making your first pompom!  For about a 6 foot strand, I made 10 pompoms.  I’ll pause while you finish up this step!

(Drinking a cup of tea.  Blowing nose … again!  Taking 4 more Airborne.)  Are you finished?

5. Next, cut three 6 foot strands of yarn and braid them together to make the center string.  Technically, this step is optional; you could make your garland with one single piece of yarn.  However, I think the thicker strand looks better. I taped my yarn to the counter, which helped me get a little leverage while braiding.  When you finish the braid, untape it, but don’t tie off the raw end.

Braid the Yarn

6. Tape the raw end of the braid.  This will secure the braid temporarily and help you thread your needle.  Thread the braid through a large plastic needle.

Thread the needle

7. Use the needle to string each of the pompoms onto the center braided piece of yarn.  To most effectively attach the pompoms, push the needle through the very center of the pompom where you tied it earlier.  Until you get all the pompoms on the center braid, there’s no need to worry about spacing them out.

String pompoms on center braid

8. Once you’ve spaced out the pompoms, tie off the taped end of the center braid and snip off the tape.  It’s time to hang up your garland!

Hang up your garland

It looks really cute around a window over a picture or frame or around a bed or partially tucked into a basket, or, or, or!  The possibilities are practically endless.  Here’s a shot of another set of garland I have in my guest bedroom.

How to make pompom garland

I like that it has a playful, whimsical vibe.  You can definitely finish a strand of pompom garland in under an hour, which makes it a perfect project to do while watching TV and lounging on the couch, which is where you can find me for the rest of the evening!




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      1. I’ll be sure to tag you in it! im not launching this blog officially until next year.. lots of posts in the making! finally decided to do something with the million kiddie crafts up my sleeves!


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