A Christmas Home Tour

The halls are decked for the most part!  This year, I wanted to go with a woodsy, rustic feel with lots of natural tones and red accents.  11 months of the year, I hate decorating with red.  For one month of the year, red is everything!

Would you like to take a peek?

Our front entry way is pretty narrow, so the decorations have to be simple here.


I made that banner this fall, using old music, burlap, and stencils.

Next stop: the dining room!  This room has a lot of windows, so while it has great natural light, it can be tough to get a good picture.

Dining Room2


My favorite thing in this room is the doughbowl of ornaments.  The big glass ornament was a gift from Grans, Chris’ grandmother, a few years ago.  I like it so much that it gets displayed year-round in different places.

Ornament Bowl

There’s also this cute vignette in the windowsill.


Here’s the living room!

Living Room3


Reindeer vignette

This is my favorite vignette this year.  The mini sled came from an antique shop (although I highly doubt it is an antique), the candles are being displayed on the stump of last year’s Christmas tree, and the box housing the deer was made from a pallet I picked up off the side of the road.


Isn’t this deer the cutest?  I got it at an antique/handmade craft shop.  When I was paying for it, I mentioned to the clerk that it looked needed a plaid scarf.  She promptly reached behind the counter and emerged with the length of ribbon that it is currently around its neck.  You’ve got to love shopping small!

Side View

Living Room 2

The funny thing about the sign above the TV is that we actually chopped down our Christmas tree from our own yard this year in an effort to thin what will be an incredibly thick hedge around the perimeter of our property.  So, in a way, Christmas trees are sold here — to us — for free.


The tree is a little Charlie Brownish, so you’re getting a super-close-up, rather than a kind-of-close-up.  I tried to go for a mix of natural-looking elements, like burlap, music, and pinecones combined with glittery ornaments this year.  I am a garland fiend, so there are no fewer than four types of garland on the tree. It is going to be SUCH a tangled mess when it’s time to take it all down.  Hmm… maybe I can talk Chris into doing that.


Remember good ol’ Gary?  He is back for another season, comfortably ensconced in an old metal drawer.  (You thought I might make it all the way through this post without using a 10 point vocab word, didn’t you?  Silly you.)

I found the glass jug while helping my parents clean their shed this summer.  At some point during its tenure in their shed, a mouse crawled inside it and died.  I fished the mummified mouse out in order to take the jar home.  This was not a small ordeal.  I think my parents thought I had lost my mind.  It’s truly a Christmas miracle that I didn’t die of hantavirus.

I suppose there’s still time.

Last stop is the pantry door.


I made the wreath out of “slices” of the trunk of last year’s Christmas tree that Chris and I cut with a chop saw until we broke the saw.  Oops.  That’s what you get for using a dull blade to do a sharp blade’s work.

Well, for now, the tour stops here!  Knowing me, I’ll probably move about 25 things around in the next two weeks, so there might be updates.

May your days be merry and bright!  Happy holidays!





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