What I’m bringing to Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, I’ve been tasked with bringing the appetizers.  This can be dangerous territory for me because I tend to want to make a million complicated miniature versions of foods I love.  Tiny tortes?  Terrific!  Bite-sized burritos? Bring them on!  Quaint quiches?  Quick, grab one!  (Okay… I admit that last one was a stretch).

The problem with making a million tiny appetizers is that it takes forever and being the person who is freaking out over finishing up the appetizers before guests come over is lame.  Trust me.  I’ve been that person.  It’s lame.

So, I’ve allowed myself to make one miniature bite-sized app and one less labor-intensive (but no less delicious) app that can me made a day in advance.

Here are the recipes!

Stuffed mushrooms with words


stuffed mushroom ingredients


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Microwave the cream cheese for 10 seconds or until it is soft.  Stir together all the ingredients.  Stuff each mushroom with about a tablespoon of filling.  Place stuffed mushrooms on a baking sheet and bake for 12 minutes.  After 12 minutes, switch to the broiler and cook for 2 additional minutes.  Allow to cool slightly before serving.


Bleu Cheese crumble with words

This recipe comes from Chris’ Aunt Karen.  As you can see from the photo above, I am clearly NOT a food stylist.  Every time I make Bleu Cheese Crumble for a group, the plate is empty before I even get a chance to taste it.


Bleu cheese crumble ingredients


Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate for at least an hour (but preferably overnight).  Serve on crackers or slices of baguette.  It is also delicious on a burger or a steak, if you are lucky enough to have leftovers.

I wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!



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