How to Make a Music Wreath

How to Make a Music Wreath

I took four years of piano lessons.  I adored my teacher, a college student who patiently corrected my theory and listened to me slog through song after song after song.

The only problem was that I didn’t actually play the songs in the book.  Oh, I tried to play them.  Really, I gave a valiant effort.

Okay, maybe not so valiant.  I gave a little effort.

The truth is, when the going got tough, I stopped playing the notes in the book and just made up “songs.”  I put “songs” in quotation marks because I’m not convinced they were really songs — more like notes that happened concurrently and randomly as my fingers banged punishingly on the keys.  Strangely enough, my teacher never called me out on my laziness.  Maybe I was truly that hopeless of a piano student.

I tell you this story to absolve myself of any guilt I might feel for “ruining perfectly good music” in this project.  Trust me, this project is much less ruinous than me sitting down at a piano and attempting to play the music.

Without further ado, here is how to make a wreath with old music.

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Cut a Base

In case you missed it, you need:

A pencil

Music (about 35-40 pages.  You can use sheet music or detach it from a book)

A piece of cardboard

A circular object

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

A piece of ribbon

A button or other center decal (optional)

Step 2: Make the “Fronds”

In the video, I say you need “about” 35 fronds.  This is very approximate.  I suggest you make sure you have enough music before starting to make the fronds! 35-40 pages go fast!

PS – Be careful of your fingers.  I have burned myself a few times during this step!

Step 3: Glue the Base

Step 4: Glue the Top

Step 5: Make a hanger

Voila!  I made 10 of these last year for Christmas gifts, but this wreath certainly can be used year-round as well!

If you try this tutorial, I’d love to see your creations on display!

Happy Making!




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