10 Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall is my absolute favorite season.  I love the cool, foggy mornings that melt into warm afternoons, the musty smell of dry leaves as they float to the ground like confetti, and the sweet return of the northwest’s ubiquitous rain.

This weekend, Chris kindly hauled out my “Fall Decor” box, and I got to work.  Here are a couple of ideas for fall decorating!

  1. Get your thrift on! 

Do you recognize that little owl?  I found it at it a thrift store while shooting photos for my post How to Thrift Like a Boss and named it Gary because it somehow reminded me of the character Gary the Bagman from Veep.  I know it’s really weird to have names for inanimate objects, but it’s just something I do.  My first car was named Jezebel.  I’m sure you can imagine her delightful personality!  At any rate, I love Gary in this fall vignette!  I also found the foldable ruler at a thrift store and formed it into a star.  I think it might make an appearance at the top of our Christmas tree too!

Use a hinged ruler to make a festive star!
Use a hinged ruler to make a festive star!

2. Punctuate neutral pieces with seasonal accents.

Unless you have an unlimited budget for seasonal decor (which would mean that we could no longer be friends because I would be too jealous of you!), you’re probably not going to buy more than a couple of seasonal items a year.  It’s pretty easy to stretch those seasonal items by combining them with other neutral decor pieces.  For example, a pumpkin and a little bit of burlap gives an autumnal feel to this vignette.  I use the plant and the moss ball year-round in various places around the house.

Punctuate neutral decor with seasonal accents.
Punctuate neutral decor with seasonal accents.

3. Display pumpkins on candlesticks.

If pumpkins could talk, they would ask to be displayed on candlesticks.  Okay, probably not.  They would probably be more concerned with the fact that people cut off their stems, scoop out their guts, and carve vampire faces into them.  Seriously, though, the candlesticks give the vertically-challenged pumpkins a some welcomed height. Believe it or not, the pumpkin on the right came from the dollar store!  Winning!

Display pumpkins on candlesticks.
Display pumpkins on candlesticks.

4. Borrow from nature!

I love bringing the outdoors in, and luckily my friendly neighborhood pine trees are happy to contribute cones!  Plus, they’re free!  I also put a few pieces of brown potpourri and a ceramic pumpkin in this wooden bowl.  Thank you, nature!


5. Create a memorable garland!

This garland is made from upcycled music.  I strung it on the curtain rods in the dining nook.  I love the look so much that I’m considering adding it as a product to my Etsy Shop.  What do you think?

Create a memorable garland!
Create a memorable garland!

6. Let your light shine. 

Usually, candles are displayed as individuals, but they make a greater impact in a group!  I clustered several together in a tin tray and filled the rest of the tray with pumpkins and pine cones.  If you do this, make sure you pay attention to the candles as they’re burning.  The last thing you want is a pumpkin-fueled fire!

Display candles in a group.
Display candles in a group.

7. Let a burlap wreath brighten up interior doors!

My crafty friend Nicole made this wreath for me last winter, and I have been practically counting down the days until I got to display it!  Our front door isn’t really conducive to wreaths, but that can’t stop me!  This wreath is on our pantry door.

Brighten up interior doors with a wreath.

8. Use small pops of color.

As you have probably noticed, I used decor that was mostly neutral in color.  I find that if I use color everywhere, my eye doesn’t know where to rest (#easilyoverstimulatedpeopleprobz).  If you are a bit judicious (10 point word!) in your use of color, the overall effect is more calming.

Use pops of color

9. Don’t forget the chandelier!

I love to decorate my chandelier with ornaments at Christmas, but I had never thought about decorating it for fall!  I decided to dress it up with a wreath of leaves.  Then, the bundle of sticks was was feeling a bit naked, so I gave it some leaves too, but now I think that was too much.  The leaves will probably be leafing the sticks (See what I did there? I’m so punny!) as soon as I publish this post.

Don't forget the chandelier!

10. Use a chalkboard to display a seasonal message. 

I am not a penmanship pro.  At all.  Students regularly mock my handwriting.  regularly mock my handwriting!  This is about as “cute” as my chalkboard gets! Regardless of handwriting quality, it’s always nice to have a few reminders to think positively.

Use a chalkboard to display a seasonal message.

Well, I better get going because school starts tomorrow!  Time to get my head back in the game.  You, on the other hand, can get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and start decorating!

Copyright Best Coast Living, 2015.  May not be reproduced without explicit permission of the author.

Washi Tape Clip art by Teacher Karma.


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