Master Bath Makeover Reveal

Main Image

Well, after last week’s painting disaster, I’ve almost finished the master bath mini-makeover.  I still need to caulk around the trim.  I keep finding spots that need touch-ups, but there is no longer a paint roller and dirty shoes in the bathtub or a drop cloth covering the toilet.  We can actually use the shower, no doubt to the relief of all people downwind.

Though it is actually about three shades lighter than the original paint, I still don’t think the new paint really registers as a different color, especially on camera.  Oh well.

Here’s how the bathroom looked before: Before

Notice the hobbit-hole-meets-squirrel-sanctuary aesthetic of the trim and ceiling.  I’m mostly pointing that out because it’s the biggest (maybe the only) change you’ll notice.

In my design, I wanted to brighten things up and incorporate some personal details from Chris’ and my history together. I also wanted to extend beachy vibe from our bedroom.

Here is basically the same view:


Goodbye, knotty pine trim!  Goodbye, dark ceilings!  The little sign above the door was given to us by Chris’ 5th grade (I think I’ve got the grade right) teacher who also happens to be the mom of one of his best friends.  That’s what happens when you grow up in a small town!


Chris hates having his picture taken and really hates looking at pictures of himself, which is why we have very few photos of ourselves in any of the main spaces of our house.  Consequently, I may have gone a little tiny bit crazy with wedding pictures in the master bathroom.


I just noticed that there are three toothbrushes in our toothbrush holder.  This can only mean one thing: Chris apparently uses two toothbrushes.  What is the man doing double-fisting toothbrushes?  I’ll have to pay more attention next time I see him brushing his teeth. Hopefully, I didn’t accidentally put the shower-drain-scrubbing toothbrush into the holder.  Hmm.

We’re lucky enough to have a little toilet room (Is there an official word for that?) within the bathroom.  It’s kind of like Inception: a bathroom within a bathroom.  It seemed like a good spot to add a little storage (aka decorating space), so we added shelves that I found at Goodwill!

Shelfie close up

Yes, I understand the logical fallacy the sign above presents.  Chris is one year, two months, and 14 days older than me, so if he lives to be one hundred and I live to be one hundred minus one, I would actually have one year, two months, and 13 days to live without him.  But, like the reindeer sweater your Great Aunt Ethel knitted for you one Christmas, it’s the thought that counts, people! Besides, it’s an A. A. Milne quote and you just can’t get much sweeter than Piglet and Pooh.


The picture behind the toilet paper features the exact spot Chris proposed.  When he popped the question, I literally hit him (harder than I intended) and said, “stop being stupid” before realizing he was on one knee and doing it for real!  Oops.  Clearly, I’m very good at romance.  Not.  My sister took that photo and gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago.

Because I realized how much I like the very neutral beach design instead of so many pops of light blue, redecorating the bathroom has precipitated (Me English teacher.  Me know big words.) changes in other rooms now too, but that’s another post for another day!


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Washi tape design by Teacher Karma.


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