Best Coast Living is now on Etsy!

Best Coast Living Tile

I’ve always been a maker.  As a kid, I whiled away summer days cross stitching or sewing (yes, I was a weird kid).  When I was about 11, I hand sewed (clearly the obvious choice, since I wasn’t allowed to use the sewing machine) a skirt I insisted on wearing to church.  It wasn’t exactly haute couture quality.

I’m sure my parents never prayed harder than that Sunday: “Please don’t let the skirt fall apart … please don’t let the skirt fall apart…”  Needless to say, shortly after that incident, my parents signed me up for lessons at the local quilting store.

The maker in me is excited to announce that Best Coast Living is now on Etsy!  I’m designing eco-friendly products using mostly upcycled materials with a Northwest flair, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m starting small with couple of products, both of which started out as things I wanted in my house.

Here’s a little preview:

My parents used to have an old-fashioned barometer that you fill with water.  I loved that thing!  On really stormy days, it would occasionally overflow (I don’t know it that is supposed to happen, but it did).

The first item in my Etsy line, this Reclaimed Wood Hanging Barometer Glass Sconce, is inspired by that old-fashioned barometer.  It makes such a pretty addition to our gallery wall, but I can also envision a pair of them flanking a door or window.  The back is made from 100% reclaimed wood, so it’s eco-friendly!

Vase in Context

Here’s a close-up:

Vase Close Up

I also have a Reclaimed Wood Hanging Milk Bottle Sconce, which uses a milk bottle instead of the barometer-inspired vase.  So cute!

I’m going to give one of these little babies away next week, so be watching for the contest rules on Facebook and Instagram next Monday!

What could be more Northwestern than trees?  Nothing, obviously.  I love trees.  I have been known to hug them, both literally and figuratively, from time to time.  Enter: Reclaimed Wood Trees!  They have a fun, playful vibe and I know I’ll especially use them around Christmas.

Here’s a whole forest of them:


I can’t even stand how cute the blue one with the “Canada” stamp is.  That’s one thing I love about reclaimed wood: every piece is different.

I have two sizes: 16″ and 11.5″.  Because they’re better together, I’m also selling a set of 3.

Here’s how I have the blue one styled now:


I’m so excited about this new adventure! I hope you check out Best Coast Living on Etsy and share it with the people in your life who could use a little Northwest flair in their lives!


Copyright 2015 Best Coast Living.  Cannot be reproduced without express permission of the author.

Washi Tape clip art by Teacher Karma.


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