A Babies Shower for Twins!

A Baby Shower for Twins

You can never have too many sisters.  Seriously.  I have two funny, talented, beautiful sisters of my own, and when I married Chris, I inherited two funny, talented, beautiful sisters-in-law.  I don’t know where’d I would be most days without these girls in my life.

Oh wait. Yes, I do.

I’d probably be sitting alone somewhere consuming copious amounts of ice cream, wishing I had a sister with whom to share my thoughts (and maybe a spoonful of ice cream!). My sisters (original and in-laws) are some of my best and dearest friends.

At any rate, my sister-in-law, Megan, is pregnant with identical twin girls.  Megan is that rare kind of person who has the courage to dance to her own music, so in a weird sort of way, it makes total sense that she wouldn’t just be having one normal, boring old baby.  It had to be twins.

This last weekend, Annie (my other sister-in-law) and I threw Megan a baby shower.  We wanted the whole shower to be pretty, relaxed, and not fussy — just like Megan!  All the good ideas in these pictures are Annie’s; she is the consummate planner. I am a doer.  Together, we are a force of nature when it comes to getting stuff done.

All the girls

I always know I’ve done a good job pacing party preparation when I’m not stressed the last 10 minutes before guests arrive.  Annie and I decorated the mantle and wall the night before the party, which really relieved stress the next day! Before our guests arrived, we had time to take pictures (above!) and have a glass of wine (for non-pregnant) or water (for Megs).


I love to try to use what I already have to decorate for a party.  After determining a color palate, Annie and I shopped our houses to find items that we could use for the party that fit into the theme.  Decorating can still be pretty without buying a bunch of cheap plastic junk that will just get thrown away later.  The only things that were bought just for this shower in this picture were the ribbons and gold wands.  I’m sure they’ll get used again!


On the other side of the mantle, we displayed the babies’ ultrasound picture.  I love that it looks like they’re hugging!

Lia's advice

At a separate table, we repurposed branches from Annie’s wedding into a wishing tree, inviting guests to write wishes or words of advice for Megan.  The advice in this picture is from a long-time friend of Megan’s and nods to the mischief the two of them used to create!

Cuppie Cakes

What’s a baby shower without cupcakes?!  Annie and I made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and white pearl sprinkles.  I loved Annie’s idea for the white-on-white color scheme. So elegant and pretty!

Food better

I love to cook, which can be a problem during a party because I tend to try to make all my special dishes at once, which means I bite off more than I can chew.  (Food pun!  I’m so punny!)

But, for Megan’s fuss-free babies shower, we decided to go with foods that could be made or assembled ahead of time. Good decision!  We had pesto bruchetta with a balsamic reduction, fruit kebabs, hummus with pita chips and pretzels, pistachios and almonds, sandwiches, a mimosa bar, ice tea, and lemon water.

I’m so glad we didn’t attempt a bunch of warm dishes because it turned out to be 87 degrees, and no one wants hot food on such a hot day!

Ash and Megs

Of course, the most important part of any party is the people.  Here is Megan with her mom.  I’m not sure who is more excited for the babies’ arrival!

You can also see in the background of this picture that we hung a collection of ultrasound pictures along with bloomers and onesies as a garland.  Apparently, when you have twins, you have a million (slightly hyperbolic, but not much!) ultrasounds.  I feel like we’re going to know exactly what the girls look like before we meet them face-to-face!

Beautiful Megs

All in all, it was a happy day with a happy mama-to-be.

As I was writing this post, I realized I was so busy taking pictures and hosting that I forgot to write on the wishing tree, so here are my wishes:

Megs, I hope that your sweet little girls are everything you are: creative, smart, compassionate, beautiful, witty, and loyal. You have taught me so much about what it means to be a good person, and I know that will be your legacy for your daughters as well.  I love you!


Washi tape clip art by teacherkarma.


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