Hen House Upgrades: The Five Day Feeder

When I brought home our chicks, I bought an itty-bitty feeder that the farm supply store clerk assured me would follow them into adult chickenhood.  However, when I added 4 more birds to our flock, the itty-bitty feeder could no longer keep up.  Not only could the chickens eat all the food in the feeder in about 10 minutes, they kept tipping it over and pooping in it.


Besides, multiple feedings per day is not conducive to the humans in the family taking a long weekend away every now and then!

Enter the Five Day Feeder (or the Feeding Tube, as I have been snarkily calling it)!

Inspired by pictures online, Chris rigged up this beauty with 3-inch PVC pipe and zip ties (we’re really classy!):

Feeder in progress

Five(ish) days worth of food goes in the top and trickles down to the bottom.  Thank you, gravity!

The girls weren’t sure at first.

The big girls have gotten so much bigger!
The big girls have gotten so much bigger!

We didn’t want the food to get wet when the rain returns, so Chris made a little canopy and voila!

Would the chickens like it?

Human tested chicken approved

Of course, with me being me, I had to paint the little canopy and add a cute sign.  Yes, I know that the chickens can’t read the sign.  Unfortunately, they are stubbornly illiterate.  They don’t seem at all interested in reading The Little Red Hen or Chicken Little.

I don’t understand it.

It’s rather disappointing.

After paint, here’s what the Five Day Feeding Tube looks like:

Completed Feeder

No more poop in food!  No more feeding multiple times per day!  Happy chickens; happy humans!

Now for rigging up an auto waterer…



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